IPhone 4.0.1 Software Update Out, Improves Signal Strength Formula

By 03:38 Sat, 10 Jul 2021 Comments

What comes after iOS 4.0? Nope, it's not the iOS 4.1 but the iPhone 4.0.1 software update which has just been released by Apple. It comes along with some bug fixes as well as the highly discussed improved signal strength formula that is expected to magically solve iPhone 4's reception issues. Meanwhile, the iPad got a software update too - taking it up to iOS 3.2.1.

Everyone, even remotely interested in mobile phones, will disclose you that iPhone 4 reception problems aren't caused by software bugs but are a result of the phone's faulty hardware. However, Apple are still mum on that matter (maybe today's conference will shed more light on the real problem and hopefully will offer some kind of solution).

Well, you can at least like the "improved" formula that tells your iPhone how many bars of signal strength to display. There are also some other bug fixes brought by the iOS 4.0.1. The iOS 4.0.1 is only compatible with iPhone 3G (though that doesn't work particularly well), iPhone 3GS and the recently launched iPhone 4.

As for the iOS 3.2.1 software update for the iPad, the list of updates it brings is a bit longer. 3.2.1 is assumed to improve the Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) connectivity, stutter-free videos playback and video-out functionality will be more reliable (when using an iPad dock connector to Video Graphics Array (VGA) adapter).

Next up is the fix that should enable copying and pasting of single-page Portable Document Format (PDF) attachments in Mail. Last but not least is Bing search option, which has been added to the Safari browser.

To acquire the latest iOS version just plug your iPhone or iPad to the computer and let the iTunes software do the rest.




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