Motorola Olympus Enters Rumor Land, Boasts Android And Tegra 2

By 12:45 Sun, 11 Jul 2021 Comments

Tegra 2 seems to be the hottest thing in Android town - the Motorola Olympus is yet another dual-core Android that has entered the rumor mill. Apparently, there is a second Olympus too though there's not a shred of info on it.

The Tegra 2 platform is becoming commonplace in rumors of upcoming high-discontinue droid phones (like the LG Star) and tablets. It offers a dual-core Central Processing Units (CPU) and can record 1080p video, so the Motorola Olympus is bound to have impressive specs.

Right now however, we don't know any of them. On the outside, it's similar to the Motorola Defy, but with (maybe) a bigger screen. Since the Olympus is based on a completely different platform (Tegra instead of TI OMAP) the rest of the Defy's specs don't really disclose us much.

Motorola Olympus photos

There have been a few phones recently that utilize name brand optics (like the Lumix phone or the LG L-03C with Lumix lens) but Motorola Olympus is probably just the codename and doesn't indicate Olympus optics.

Anyway, this Olympus is assumed to be headed to AT&T but the rumor mentions a second Olympus phone from Moto - what it is, however, is anyone's guess. It could be a non-AT&T version, a QWERTY version or it may not even exist - always hold rumors with a pinch of salt.




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