Windows Phone 7 Running Asus E600 Passes FCC Tests

By 01:48 Sun, 11 Jul 2021 Comments

It's been a while since we first met the Asus E600 since but seeing it passing the FCC tests clearly shows that the first Asus-made smartphone based on the Windows Phone 7 platform is getting closer to its launch.

Actually, the Asus E600 (previously known as Garmin-Asus E600) was assumed to hit the stores on time for Christmas so its premiere might hold place even sooner than expected. When we first met it (see the video above), we only got to hold a see at its user interface but now, thanks to the numerous images found over at the FCC website (there is even an E600 manual), we also see how the E600 will see like.

The Asus E600 sure is handsome, with a nice, sleek design, and keeping in mind what the WP7 hardware requirements are, we can expect it to be just as smart, too. However, none of the E600 features has been revealed (save for the 5MP autofocus capturing camera with Light Emitting Diode (LED) flash exposed on one of the images below).

Asus E600

According to some of the documents on the FCC website, the Asus E600 supports 850/1900Mega Hertz (MHz) HSPA. So, don't be surprised if you see it selling at the stores of AT&T USA or somewhere in Canada. By the way, there is no word on the device price yet.




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