Is The IPhone 4 Getting An Antenna Fix Or Simply A Slight Redesign?

By 04:28 Sun, 11 Jul 2021 Comments

We've just came across a series of images that show the slightly tweaked external body of a device that's highly similar to the iPhone 4. What we have here is either a design update for the iPhone 4 or the parts for Apple's first CDirect Memory Access (DMA) iPhone, which has been rumored for ages.

We try to be extra careful in our choice of words really, becautilize these parts could just as easily be for some Chinese replica with no Apple involvement whatsoever. But since Apple got one of the video source off YouTube in no time, for now we'll assume it's the real thing.

Comparing redesigned iPhone 4 parts: top and bottom

The biggest incompatibility you'll see is in the external antenna. This metallic strip has been divided by five black strips instead of the four strips in the original design.

Another fascinating thing to note is that the SIM card slot is intact, which means that if this is the CDirect Memory Access (DMA) iPhone to come, it will either have a secondary Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) radio or an LTE radio.

Comparing redesigned iPhone 4 parts: both sides

As we said, our source is not the only one who has got their hands on these parts. Unfortunately, the other source taped the whole thing on video and Apple got that off YouTube. According to Engadget, the video showed parts, in which there was no hole for the back camera, which is quite perplexing.




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