Have A Glimpse At The Yet To Be Unveiled Samsung S3850 Corby II

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Once you put something online, you can hardly ever delete it. We just stumbled upon the Samsung Corby II while digging through Google's cache of an official Samsung website. Yeah, that's part of the job too.

We were trying to dig up some info on Samsung's current lineup when we spotted something we hadn't seen before - the Samsung S3850 Corby II. There are two regional variants S3850L and S3853, but we can't disclose the incompatibility yet.

The browser info doesn't give away much, but it does report the browser as Dolphin and lists MIDP 2.1 and CLDC 1.1 (technical speak for Mobile Java a.k.a. J2ME), which leads us to believe that the Samsung S3850 Corby II runs Samsung's feature phone Operating System (OS) with TouchWiz.

It's most likely not Bada as its browser doesn't report MIDP/CLDC.

We got to measure the classy screen aspect ratio of the Samsung Corby II and it turned out purely 4:3 recommending QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) resolution much like the original Corby. Then again, the photos of some of the other phones are scaled incorrect so the classy screen aspect ratio in the case of the Corby II might be wrong.

We'll haged an eye out for more info on the Corby II - the original was quite popular and srecent 3 million in only several months so it's fascinating to see the successor.

You'll see the cached page lists several other yet unannounced phones, but they are low-discontinue and certainly are not as interesting. They are the Nari E2230 (Russia-only) and Caruso E2330.

Samsung E2330 Caruso • Samsung Nari E2230

The original page is gone, but you can view it here from Google Cache.



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