Caitlyn Jenner Bruce Can Be Erased from Olympic H.O.F ... If She Wants

By 01:49 Fri, 05 Jun 2015 Comments

Caitlyn Jenner can make Olympic history again -- the

doors to the Hall of Fame are swinging wide open for

her to enter ... all she has to do is ask. Caitlyn was

inducted into the HOF back in 1986 thanks to her

legendary gold medal in the 1976 Olympic decathlon.

But, of course ... Bruce is the name attached to that

honor. At least for now. Patrick Sandusky,

spokesperson for the US Olympic Committee, says they would gladly update the name to Caitlyn. He

says if she files a formal request, the Committee

would review it, and presto -- bye bye Bruce, hello

Caitlyn. A rep for Caitlyn tells us she's unclear if she'll

make the request. She's got time to think it over.

There won't be any physical honor for the H.O.F.

inductees until the U.S. Olympic Museum opens in

2018. So for now, the change would just be one for

the record books.



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