Samsung Wave 525 And 533 Won’t Be Updated To Bada 2.0

By 11:36 Mon, 12 Jul 2021 Comments

Bad news, Wave 525 and 533 owners. Despite previously confirming that all Wave devices will receive the juicy bada 2.0 update, current turn of events have put the Wave 525 and Wave 533 out of the game.

That's becautilize Samsung has grouped all Wave devices with WQVideo Graphics Array (VGA) resolution into two groups - "Wave(WQVGA)" and "Wave(WQVGA)_bada 1.1 only". Guess where the Wave 525 and 533 are in.

The first group will receive the bada 2.0 software update and will also support bada 1.1 and 2.0 API. This includes the Wave 575, 578 and 723. Unfortunately, the Wave 525 and 533 come in the second group, whcih supports only version 1.1 of the bada API.

Samsung understands that those particular Wave owners will be upset and as a result will release what they call a software "Value pack". Its purpose is to bring some of the bada 2.0 experience to the otherwise hardware limited devices.




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