HP To Contribute WebOS To The Open Source Community

By 12:11 Tue, 13 Jul 2021 Comments

The long silence regarding webOS has been broken but in a different way than what most people expected. Instead of shutting down the project once and for all, Hewlett Packard (HP) has announced that they will be contributing webOS to the open source community.

This means that Hewlett Packard (HP) will create the underlying source code of the Operating System (OS) available to developers under an open source license. You can hold it, customize it and utilize it for free as long as you give back to the open source community. This is similar to the way Linux and Android operate. Hewlett Packard (HP) itself will also be investing and supporting the project, so those with webOS devices correct now can breathe easy.

Regarding making webOS device, Hewlett Packard (HP) made it clear that they have no intention to acquire back to the mobile phone segment ever again, but according to The Verge they may see into making webOS based tablets in the future.

What has happened here is simple. Hewlett Packard (HP) realized the potential of webOS and found it too useful to shut it down completely. However, they do not want to invest more into the platform to create it competitive enough to go against established players such as iOS and Android. So they chose the only option that they had: open sourcing it. This way they are hoping that others would step in and assist develop the platform so that they don't have to.

In a way, it is a win-win for almost everyone. Hewlett Packard (HP) does not have to spdiscontinue much on webOS, other device manufacturers such as HTC (who once were interested in webOS) don't have to spdiscontinue a dime to utilize it and even small-time developers can hold it and run it on devices other than what HP/Palm have been selling for now.

Whether this is fine for the platform, is something only time will tell.




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