AT&T Finally Upgrades Samsung Infuse 4G To Android 2.3

By 08:52 Tue, 13 Jul 2021 Comments

In a news that belongs to 2011, AT&T and Samsung have just upgraded the Samsung Infutilize 4G to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, proving once again how poor the situation is when it comes to receiving the latest software upgrades on carrier-locked (or even otherwise) Android devices.

It's difficult to believe that this phone (srecent for $200 on contract, no less) was launched with Froyo at launch back in May last year and what's worse is that it managed to create it till 2012 with the same OS. And now when Android 4.0 is out and will slowly be making an appearance on other handsets it's getting the Gingerbread update, something it should have had from the start. Remember the promise Google made to deliver the latest updates to recent devices 18 months after the launch? It seems neither Google, the OEMs nor the carriers remember it anymore.

Anyway, coming back to the actual update, it brings the usual Gingerbread features to the device, along with some handset specific updates. The update log is as follows:

  • Improved Copy and Paste functionality

  • Redesigned Multi Touch Software Keyboard

  • Download manager for long running HyperText Transport Protocol (HTTP) downloads

  • Improved power management and application control

  • Notification Shade: “Flight Mode” added (“Silent” removed)

  • New Fonts options added include Choco Cooky, Cool Jazz, Rosemary

  • Keyboard Changes: Android Keyboard with Wider Spaced keys and Quick Keys at the top

  • New Widgets: The name of the content provider will be listed on the widacquire list along with the widacquire name. Previously only the widacquire name was provided.

  • New Widget: Traffic (Android) added to list of available widgets

  • Menu Changes/New Apps: Downloads and Google Books added new, Promotional pre-load of Angry Birds removed.




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