More Photos Of The LG Fantasy E740 WP Phone Crop Up

By 10:23 Tue, 13 Jul 2021 Comments

By mistake, someone put photos of the yet unannounced LG Fantasy E740 on a Romanian online trading site. The photos were quickly taken down, but one of our tipsters managed to save them.

The device is clearly a prototype (there's a gigantic "Not for sale" label on it) but it is a working unit. The device has the ScanSearch and SmartShare (formerly PlayTo) apps that were exclusive to the Optimus 7 back when it launched so it seems legit.

Leaked photos of LG Fantasy E740

Upon closer inspection, it becomes pretty clear that this is in fact the LG Miracle we saw a few days ago. Fantasy E740 sounds more like a retail name but we first heard of the LG Fantasy back in December last year, so it's still anyone's guess what the final name of the device will be.

Here's what we know of the specs so far - 4" WVideo Graphics Array (VGA) NOVA display, 1Giga Hertz (GHz) Scorpion CPU, 5MP main capturing camera and Video Graphics Array (VGA) front camera. Curiously, it will sport NFC connectivity, which is confirmed by the specs posted on the trading site (though they might have been specs for a different device).

Anyway, the LG Fantasy E740 is expected to be announced in Q1, so pay attention to LG's announcements at the MWC.

Thanks to Marius Scarlat for the tip!



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