Samsung Shows Quad-core Exynos Chipset

By 12:48 Tue, 13 Jul 2021 Comments

Samsung officially showed off a recent Exynos chipset with four Cortex-A9 cores and a recent GPU at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference. The recent chip boasts both performance and battery improvements.

It's built using a 32nm process rather than the 45nm process used for current Exynos chipsets. Each Central Processing Units (CPU) core can be switched off and even half of the 1Mega Bytes (MB) L2 cache can be disabled to preserve power.

According to Samsung, this results in 26% performance boost compared to their current Exynos chipsets. Energy saving for CPU-bound tasks goes up to 45%, while rendering 3D takes up to 48% less energy.

The recent chipset uses the latest GPU (presumably from the Mali series), with one geometry engine and four pixel processors.

The chipset will be available with clock speeds for the processor ranging from 200Mega Hertz (MHz) to 1.5GHz. There's support for both LPDDR2 and the newly announced LPDDR3, and a dual-core version of the chipset is planned, too.

Samsung will be showing off their recent Exynos at the MWC and we might even acquire to see a product with it, but we'll have to wait a couple days more to find out.




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