RIM To Give Out BlackBerry OS 10 Dev Prototypes In Early May

By 05:13 Tue, 13 Jul 2021 Comments

RIM is preparing a recent Operating System (OS) - called BlackBerry 10 - to replace the two current OSes that it uses (BB Operating System (OS) 7 on phones and Tablet Operating System (OS) on the PlayBook). The BB Operating System (OS) 10 will launch late this year, but app developers can see forward to playing with it sooner - 2000 developer prototypes running a version of the Operating System (OS) will be given to the attendees of the BlackBerry Jam conference taking place in early May.

RIM’s VP of developer relations, Alec Saunders, says that the prototypes will have a very different user experience compared to the finalized BlackBerry 10 Operating System (OS) as they are intended to be just tools to assist developers port their apps to the recent platform.

The BlackBerry PlayBook‘s Operating System (OS) is reportedly similar to what BB 10 will be and that will create porting PlayBook apps to the recent Operating System (OS) easy. Saunders says his goal is that “every single PlayBook app works on BB10”.

That‘s good, but what’s with RIM’s reluctance to show what the finalized Operating System (OS) will see like? Saunders says this is intentional as they want to hold time and build up interest before launching the OS.

We have seen some alleged screenshots of the upcoming OS, but who knows how much will change until the time comes for RIM to unleash the first BlackBerry 10-powered devices.

New phones that run on BlackBerry Operating System (OS) 10 won’t be here for a while (at least until Q3 according to leaked roadmap), the oft leaked BlackBerry London might be the first. The PlayBook will see an update to BB Operating System (OS) 10 too, but it’s not clear if that will happen before or after the BB 10 phones launch.




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