Nokia Belle FP2 Appears In Test Results

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Owners of newer Symbian phones got some fine news recently when Nokia announced that they'll be getting a Feature Pack 1 update for their smartphones. They might be in for some more fine news - results on the HTML5 Test list results for "Nokia Belle FP 2 (S60 5.5)".

The FP1 update is featured on the Nokia 808 PureView, but will create its way to the 603, 700 and 701, with the last two getting a Central Processing Units (CPU) speed bump. It's not clear what we might expect from FP2 (it's not official), but Nokia seems to have done a lot of work on the browser.

The Belle FP1 update gives a gigantic boost to the browser in terms of compatibility - it jumps from 157 (+ 7 bonus points) for vanilla Belle to 212 (+ 9 bonus points) for FP1 and higher still with FP2 - 242 (+ 9 bonus points).

For comparison, Android 2.3 scores 181+1, Android 4.0 does 256+3, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango scores very low at 141+5, while Mobile Safari on iOS 5 is king of the stock browsers with a score of 305+9.

The device running Belle FP2 is listed as Nokia 701, so there's a fine chance that the devices that are getting FP1 will acquire FP2 as well.

Anyway, a post on Nokia Beta Labs caught our attention too - it marks the discontinue of the beta period for Universal Search. It's a handy feature that looks through contacts, emails, maps and so on (similar but better than the recent Search app found in older Symbians).

What's fascinating about it is now that the beta is over, you'd expect to acquire the release version of the app - but it's nowhere to be found in the Nokia Store. It's quite a coincidence - the appearance of another Belle feature pack and the disappearance of Universal Search - so that's one feature that might be headed to FP2.

By the way, that HTML5 Test results page is very fascinating and mentions a couple of gigantic names - Windows Phone 8 and Tizen 1. That, of course, is flimsy proof of their existence, but still.

Thanks to Jason for the tip!

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