Samsung Galaxy S III Sample Camera Photos Arrive

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The Tinhte post that revealed the Galaxy S III test unit may have been pulled down, but it contained more than just a hands-on video - it also had a few 8MP capturing camera samples. Now, the phone is not a production unit and the lighting conditions are far from perfect, but the EXIF data of the samples is still able to reveal a few fascinating bits about the smartphone.

That info reveals that the Samsung Galaxy S III has an F/2.6 aperture (the aperture on the S II is F/2.65) and the focal length has gone from 3.97mm to 3.7mm. That means that either the viewing angle of the recent Samsung flagship is wider than that of its predecessor (going from 28mm to 26mm in 35mm equivalent) or that the image sensor in the recent Galaxy is slightly bigger - about 7%.

Here are the two capturing camera samples:

Sample photos from Samsung Galaxy S III test unit

Update: It turns out there are several more capturing camera samples from the Galaxy S III that were uploaded to Picasa.

Samsung Galaxy S III sample photos

Note that the EXIF lists the capturing camera software as M0_TEST, so there's more work to be done on it before it's finalized.




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