Sony LT30i 'Mint' To Be Called Xperia T, Certification Reveals

By 01:17 Wed, 14 Jul 2021 Comments

The Sony Xperia LT30i Mint is yet to become official, but it has been a frequent visitor to our news section, it even got a lengthy preview. While it wore its unofficial guise in those appearances, it went in for DLNA certification under its official name.

DLNA's web site list the phone as Sony Xperia T - making it a member of the single letter Xperia club. Just a quick reminder, the phone has a 4.3" 720p screen, 1.5Giga Hertz (GHz) dual-core Krait processor and a 13MP camera.

We tried to figure out if there's any pattern behind the letters, but gave up pretty quickly - T comes after S (as it should, being the newer model), but then comes U and that is a lower-discontinue device than either of those two. Things acquire even more confusing when you consider the upcoming Xperia SL, which has two letters.

Anyway, the DLNA certification doesn’t give us much other than the name - DLNA capabilities are common among Android phones, Xperias included.

So, we'll probably just have to wait until August 29, when Sony is holding an event just before IFA starts. The Sony LT30i Xperia T is one of the likely candidates to be announced at that event, along with a few others.

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