Are These The Nano-SIM Tray And Home Button Of The IPhone 5?

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Earlier this year, lots of major phone makers fought over the design of the next generation SIM cards - known as nano-SIM - and Apple won out in the end. Photos of the alleged SIM tray for the iPhone 5 have surfaced and show the incompatibility in size between micro- and nano-SIM, but no other changes in the design of the tray.

The nano-SIM design promises 40% smaller SIM cards, which will save room in the already crammed internals of modern smartphones. By the way, rumor has it that European carriers have already ordered large quantities of nano-SIM cards to acquire ready for the launch of the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5's alleged nano-SIM card tray sized up against the microSIM tray

The home button of the iPhone 5 somehow also made its way into the spy photoshoot. Its design is unchanged, but it seems that this component has shrunk too - presumably to create more room for the larger classy screen of the recent iPhone.

The recent home key will also be smaller

Photos supposedly of iPhone 5 components leak all the time, so hold them with a pinch of salt. But if these are the genuine article, then their colors disclose us something fascinating - there will a black and white iPhone (not surprising), but the black one will have black sides (note the painted tray) rather than the grey metallic sides of the current design. They see like they match the leaked next-gen iPhone shells.

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