Apple's FRAND Lawsuit Against Motorola Dismissed In US

By 03:55 Thu, 15 Jul 2021 Comments

The federal judge Barbara Crabb, of the Western District of Wisconsin, has dismissed with prejudice the Apple’s FRAND lawsuit against Motorola. This means Apple cannot file a similar lawsuit in another US court, unless it successfully appeals against the decision first.

Last year Motorola Mobility sought to receive 2.25% of all iOS products net sales as a licensing fee for some of the Motorola-owned patents they use. Apple refused to pay this amount and counter-sued Motorola for unhonest licensing taxes.

A more recent turn of event saw Motorola ask Apple to agree to whatever fee the court declares fair, but once again Apple wasn't quite excited with the offer and assumed it will only adhere to the court fee if it isn't higher than $1 per iPhone.

So, now that Apple has just lost against Motorola it will either have to win in the appeal (which will almost certainly follow) or it will have to pay what the court orders. We are yet to see how this one develops, but Motorola seems to have won an vital battle here.

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