GSMArena Labs: Our Latest Tool Gives You Instant Reviews

By 04:49 Fri, 16 Jul 2021 Comments

You've probably guessed by now, but this was our April Fools' day prank. We know the Bot doesn't work very well (it wasn't supposed to really) so you can stop sending us reports of it not working. We hope you enjoyed it!

One of the main critiques we are getting recently is that we hold too long with the publishing of our reviews. Whereas some of our competitors can often cook a review in a day, our aim to provide as much details as possible means you often have to wait much longer to know more about your favorite smartphone.

Due to the huge number of tests we do, a review of a phone can hold up a week (or even more). You see our human reviewers want to sleep, eat and they hold way too many coffee breaks. So, we decided that if we want to be quick we’ll have to let computers be more involved in it.

This is how ReviewerBot 9000 was born. It uses accurate sensors and advanced machine learning algorithms to write a full review of any device in our database – phone or tablet – in a matter of seconds.

ReviewerBot 9000 is a rational, calculating machine and is completely unbiased. Thanks to that we are finally introduce review scores, which let acquire an concept of how fine a smartphone is with a single glance.

What you are about to see is still a beta version of our automated reviewer. We still have some i-dotting and t-crossing to do, but we expect the fully functional version to be launched towards the discontinue of the week. You can assist us by taking it for a spin and if you find any bugs submit a report here.

Use the search field below to find a device (even unofficial ones, ReviewerBot is that good) and see its review written before your eyes. And if you are not perfectly excited with the result, you can try refreshing a few times to see some alternative versions.

Search for a phone and select it to generate its review.

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