51 Boko Haram blast victims buried in Jos

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No fewer than 100 people are feared killed in the

Sunday night twin explosions in Jos , the Plateau

State capital .

The state government put the death toll at 44 and 48

injured . But the magnitude of the blast and the

burials that took place yesterday showed that the

death toll was higher .

No fewer than 51 , mostly Muslims , were buried

yesterday , according to Muslim community lawyer

Ahmed Garba .

Sixty - seven people were injured, stated Abdussalam

Mohammed , the coordinator of the National

Emergency Management Agency ( NEMA )

The explosion at the Yantaya Mosque came as cleric

Sani Yahaya was addressing the worshippers ,

survivors said . Yahaya is the national chairman of

the Jama ’ atu Izalatul Bidia organisation , which

preaches that all religions should peacefully coexist .

Garba said the gunmen also opened fire on the

mosque from three directions .

Survivor Danladi Sani said he saw a man dressed in

white take aim at Yahaya, and then blow himself up .

Yahaya was unhurt , Sani added.

“ He is a great Islamic scholar who has spoken out

against Boko Haram, and that is why we believe he

was the target , ” Sani told The Associated Press .

Another bomb exploded at Shagalinku , a restaurant

often patronized by top politicians for its specialties

popular with Muslims , witnesses said .

Sabi ’ u Bako was picking up a takeout meal when he

heard a massive explosion as he walked away with

friends .

“ The restaurant was destroyed , and we saw many

people covered in blood , ” he said . “ We can ’ t believe

that we escaped. ”

The blast was the second of such in the Plateau State

capital after the one that occurred on May 20 , 2014 .

The attack in Dilimi market is the second of its type ,

the first in 2013 left over 50 traders dead . The

second of the attack was the one targeted at Muslim

worshippers .

The explosions which were detonated within ten

minutes interval happened at about 9pm . The first

bomb went off at a Mosque in Yan Taya ( Tire Market )

section of Dilimi Street , Jos North Local Government

of Plateau State . The number of deaths in the

mosque attack could be as high as 100, according to

survivors .

Another eye witness Yahaya Musa said : “ We were

listening to the Islamic sermon been delivered by

Sheikh Sani Yahaya Jingre , whose preaching attracts

no fewer than 300 worshippers .

“ The sermons was almost over and the Sheikh was

about to say the closing prayers , then all of a

sudden , we heard gun shots in a sporadic manner

from some gunmen . We rushed out of the Mosque to

discover that we were under attack ; the next was to

think of escape . Initially , we all lay down , but after a

while when the gunmen were coming too close we

decided to get up and run as fast as we could . I ’ m

even surprised that I escaped, so many of my friends

could not escape . ”

A member of First Aid Group , Zekeri Mahmud , said :

“ What happened was the gunmen came in a Hilux

van , we had mounted serious security to check

whoever that is coming for the sermon . But these

gunmen came in a Hilux Van and stopped by the road

side, three people came out of the car and opened

fire on the security guard to dismantle the security at

the entrance , then they headed straight for the

mosque , shooting at worshippers. Some security

guards decided to confront them , worshippers

decided to rush them not knowing the gunmen

carried explosives which they threw at the crowd. ”

The second attack at the restaurant close to Bauchi

Road Motor Park near main campus of University of

Jos was said to have claimed about 20 lives ,

including guests who came to patronise the

restaurant and the young girls serving their

customers . Three of the restaurant attendants were

among the dead at the morgue of the Plateau State

Specialists Hospital .

A lucky man who left the restaurant two minutes

before the explosion said , “ There were up to 20

people in the restaurant that have already been

served and were already eating, more than ten people

were waiting to be served their food , so I left in

annoyance to find an alternative place to eat. But as

soon as I stepped out , I heard a very heavy blast , the

impact of the blast threw me on the ground because I

was very close , and when I recovered from the shock,

I realized that only one person survived from the

people that were inside . I could not believe when I

saw the same people taking their food few minutes

ago laid dead in the pool of their own blood , I thought

I was watching a horror movie , but it is so real”

Residents yesterday rushed to the various hospitals

in the city to identify their own . Some of the bodies

were identified by the survivors and were taken to the

Jos Central Mosque to be buried at dawn . Majority of

other bodies that could not be immediately identified

were taken to nearby hospitals . Before dawn almost

all the known hospital in the city were filled with

victims either dead or injured .

There was panic as people ran between Plateau

Specialists Hospital and Jos University Teaching

Hospital (JUTH ). Others ran to Bingham University

Teaching Hospital ( JUTH ) and Our Lady of Apostle

Hospital .

The state chapter of the Nigeria Medical Association

( NMA) appealed to its members to assist in saving

lives . State secretary Dr Menshak Daniel said : “ In

view of what has happened , the situation has

overwhelmed the capacity of the hospital , the

association is appealing to all its members to

assemble in Plateau Specialists Hospital , BUTH ,

JUTH , OLA hospital immediately to help save lives ,

there are so many injured patients requiring urgent

attention , many people are in pain , some need to get

the bullet removed from their bodies , all require one

medical service or the other to survive ”

The NEMA zonal coordinator said : “ We were part of

the team that helped to evacuate victims from the

scene of attack , we came there about 10 pm

immediately after the blast and at about 3 am we had

evacuated 43 bodies from the scenes, with over 40

injured to the hospital .

“ But many bodies were not brought to the hospitals ,

some of them that were identified by their relations

took them to the Central Mosque for burial”

State director of the First Aid Group known as

FITYANUL ISLAM , an Arabic word for (Young Muslim

Congress ) Alhaji Abdullahi Dauda said : “ The

casualties in the Mosque was higher , but it is difficult

to give a total number of the dead because they were

not assembled in one place . Some were taken to

private hospitals , some were taken to more than five

hospitals in the city , so we can ’ t get the total figure of

casualties at the moment , until we go round all the

hospital and take the lists”

Governor Simon Lalong inspected the attacked

mosque in Dilimi and visited those receiving

treatment in the hospitals . He expressed sympathy

with the Muslim Umma and promised he will ensure

the security agencies fish out those behind the

attacks .

He also cancelled his programme : “ In view of the

Security situation in the State occasioned by the

bomb blasts of Sunday 5 th July , 2015 and other

security concerns , the official Flag off and Sales of

Fertilizer for the 2015 Cropping Season , earlier

scheduled for Tuesday , 7 th July , 2015 at Bassa

Local Government Area should be postponed , ” a

statement said .

The statement by his Director of Press and Public

Affairs Samuel Nanle, the governor said : “ The

unfortunate incident of the sporadic bomb blast at

Bauchi Road and Dilimi - Yan Taya and the sporadic

gun shots within the Jos Metropolis on Sunday 5th

July , 2015 in this month of religious piety for the

Moslem Ummah on the Plateau is highly

condemnable. ”

“ The Executive Governor of Plateau State Simon Bako

Lalong is therefore calling on all inhabitants of Jos

North and the entire citizens of the State to remain

calm in the midst of the unfortunate multiple bomb

blasts and sporadic gun shots in the neighbourhood

of Dilimi- Yan Taya and Bauchi Road Jos as at 10 :30

pm .

” It is regrettable that at a time when Moslem faithful

are settled to the fulfillment of a religious obligation ,

agents of death, chaos and anarchy have chosen to

disrupt the peace of the state by orchestrating a

spade of sporadic bomb blast to portray a state of

dissatisfaction that pitches otherwise peaceful

cohabitants against themselves.

“ The Governor commiserates with all the victims of

this heinous act and calls on all citizens of the State

to remain calm and stand in solidarity with one

another in the face of this onslaught by agents of

death on our collective resolve to remain as one

united people inspite of ethnic and religious

difference .

“ The Government of Plateau State is more than

committed to consolidating on the peace process that

has seen the peace loving people of Plateau living in

peace and standing united against the force of terror

which seeks to set the people against themselves and

portray the imaginary existence of religious divide

with deliberate attacks on religious faithful at times

like this .

“ Government will most certainly continue with her on -

going consultative peace dialogue with a view to

fishing out agents of destabilization and wade off the

spade of systematic attacks which seem to show

that the eminent end of insecurity is not at sight .

Gov Lalong called on citizens of the state to remain

united against the enemies of the state , “ We therefore

must stand together in our resolve to put an end to

the current state of insecurity and we trust that the

good Lord , the giver of life and the divine protector of

all lovers of peace will give us the grace, wisdom and

courage to conquer the challenges and stand hand in

hand against the force of terror and enemies of the

State .

“ The Executive Governor wishes to commend the

Security Agencies and the various Aid Groups for

their quick intervention and wishes to direct the

immediate mounting of Snap check points at

But many in the state blamed the state governor

Simon Lalong allowing the security for the state to

relax after his election , a situation they say create

rooms for influx of Commercial motor cycle ridder to

flood the city from neighboring states. The use of

commercial motor cycle was outlawn in Jos since

2012 , but the commercial motorcycle riders , in

fragrant abuse of the law , resumed the streets of Jos

following the emergence of the APC government in

the state . The expectation of citizens for the new

government to enforce the law was not seen .



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