Here's Tim Cook On Why No Multi-tier IPhones Or A Phablet

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Tim Cook did an interview at the All Things D11 conference and spilled some details not only on the WWDC-bound iOS7 but also on why Apple keeps on making just one iPhone, as opposed to different variations of it.

Given the question on why Apple doesn't follow the same strategy it does with the iPod (making different sizes for different people) Cook answered that the iPod serves a different purpose with its various sizes. However, with the iPhone, that's not the case, as there are a lot more fine details that go into making it.

According to Apple's CEO, many people hold into consideration the quality of the display, its properties such as color representation, white balance, brightness and more. The classy screen size is not necessarily the key factor, as is the battery life and see and feel of Apple's smartphone.

"It takes a lot of work, a lot of really detailed work, to do a phone right, when you manage the hardware, software and services around it. We’ve chosen to focus our energy on getting those right. And we’ve made the choices in order to do that. So we haven’t become defocused [by] working on multiple lines."

Additionally, these devices wouldn't ultimately serve different types of people, as does the iPad mini or the iPod nano.

As far as iOS7 is concerned, Tim Cook mentioned it, too. He confirmed that indeed Johny Ive, Apple's VP of Industrial Design, has been working on the upcoming iteration of iOS. Johny Ive is "really key", as Cook put it, to the iOS redesign.

We expect the latest version of Apple's mobile Operating System (OS) to be unveiled at the WWDC next month (June 10) in addition to a refreshed Macbook line-up and possibly more.

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