Motorola X Camera UI Leaked In New Screenshots

By 02:36 Sat, 17 Jul 2021 Comments

More leaks have surfaced of the upcoming the Motorola X smartphone, this time regarding the software on the device, specifically the capturing camera software.

As it can be seen from these screenshots, Motorola has gone for a brand recent UI for the capturing camera application that is unlike their standard UI seen on their previous DROID phones, nor is it like the stock Android capturing camera app.

The recent capturing camera software relies on gestures to bring up menus on screen. A swipe from the left side of the classy screen brings up a circular menu that reminds vaguely of controls in the stock Android browser (once you enable the Quick controls). You can seemingly turn the menu to reveal additional options. Swiping from the correct takes you to the image gallery. To zoom you swipe up and down on the classy screen and tap to hold a picture. Other than this, the UI is extremely clean and uncluttered.

Anyone expecting a completely stock Android experience on the Motorola X (with Google owning Motorola and all) would be disappointed by this but then this isn't such a poor thing as the standard capturing camera application in stock Android is mediocre at best. It would be fascinating to see what other changes have Motorola included in the software on the X.

You can find more screenshots in the link below.




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