Consumer Reports: IPhone Screen No Match For Android Flagships

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Consumer Reports, one of the most influential comparison sites in tech, has wrapped up its review of the recent iPhone 5s and 5c models. While it holds the improved processor, better camera, and recent fingerprint sensor in high regard, CR says that Apple can't compare to Android devices that offer larger, sharper displays and higher-capacity batteries.

"...battery life was still notably shorter than on other phones in our tests, including three of the latest Droids from Motorola, which ran for as long as 24 hours. Also, their small screens, while sharp and bright, can't beat the larger, sharper displays that adorn flagship models from Samsung, LG, and HTC."

Before the release of the latest iPhone models and iOS 7, the clamor for more innovation from the company that reinvented the smartphone became almost deafening, as iOS 6 was starting to show its age in a gigantic way.

Apple responded with an overhaul of its mobile Operating System (OS) with iOS 7. This included the incorporation of many aspects popularized by Android (task manager, control center, to name a few).

Now, it seems, Apple will have to hold another page from Android's book and abandon its fixation with more compact displays if it hopes to stay competitive. While hauling out phablets whenever you want to create a phone call isn't everyone's cup of tea, the numbers don't lie. Bigger may not always be better, but it sells more phones.

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