My mother threatened to kill me – Six-year- old boy stabbed by mom

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Six-year-old Promise Eboye, should not be alive, at least

going by the four gory looking stab injuries on his back. The

boy survived an attack that would have killed even an adult

had the injuries been sustained in vital parts of the body.

Promise, a bright and sharp boy lives with his mother and

step-father in Kollington area of Ijaiye, Lagos, while his

biological father lives in Benin, Edo State.

At about 8am on Monday, Promise’s mother, Comfort,

stabbed her son four times, inflicting life-threatening

injuries on the boy’s body.

The broken bottle the woman used on her son tore into the

boy’s flesh inflicting one three-inch injury and another two-

inch injury on the boy’s back. Two other wounds looked

equally horrific but were not as long and deep as the other


Neighbours said if Promise had not run away from his

mother, who held tight to his wrist and stabbed him as he

screamed, he would have been stabbed to death.

What manner of crime could such a young boy have

committed, people who witnessed the scene have asked.

On Wednesday, our correspondent visited the woman’s

house on Olawoyin Street. The story that Promise, his

neighbours and the hospital workers told could only be

described as incredible.

Promise, who seems to have a remarkable memory, told

Saturday PUNCH that his mother has a “N30 cane”, which

she uses to flog him, even when he had no idea what he

had done wrong. He said she would sometimes beat him till

he could not walk.

“My mother is wicked,” Promise said simply, quietly. As

shocking as that sounded, coming from a six-year-old, it

explained the kind of treatment the boy had been

experiencing in the hands of his mother.

Promise said he had been living with his father in Edo State

since he was one year old. But when he was five, his

mother came to take him from his father’s house.

The boy said, “I was sweeping the day she came. I did not

know her as my mother. My father then told me that she

was my mother and she had come to take me to Lagos.

“When we came to Lagos, I started to live with her and my

step-father. But she beat me all the time.”

Asked what happened on Monday to make his mother stab

him, Promise said he tripped and fell.

He said, “When I fell, my mother asked me what pushed me

and why I fell. She was angry and went to take her N30

cane. When she was beating me too much and I was

screaming, one of our neighbours came to hold her hand to

take the cane away from her. The woman said I should run

away because my mother would kill me the way she was

beating me.

“My mother said ‘I will kill you, I will kill you’. When she

could not find anything else to beat me with, she took a

broken bottle on the ground and started to stab me on the


Promise was rescued by alarmed residents, who took him

to a private hospital nearby.

But by the time the boy was taken to the hospital, Comfort

had planted another story in the boy’s head.

Pastor Charles Agboola, a pharmacist who founded the

hospital, said the two people who brought Promise in said

the boy fell down and landed on a broken bottle. When

Agboola’s wife, a nurse, asked the boy what actually

happened, Promise told her that he was watching two

people fight when he sustained the injury.

The nurse told our correspondent, “He told me that they

pushed him and he landed on the broken bottles but when I

informed my husband, he said immediately that the story

could not be true. I also noticed that the wounds were not

consistent with that story.

“It was shocking that the boy’s mother was not remorseful

in any way. It was when she dashed out of the door under

the pretence that she was going to look for money for the

boy’s treatment, that a crowd from their street, who were

coming to the hospital ,grabbed her and told the true story

of what happened.

“When we asked Promise why he lied, he said his mother

had told him what to say when asked how he sustained the


Mr. Agboola told Saturday PUNCH that by the time the boy

was about to leave the clinic, he was crying.

“He said he did not want to go back home. We fed him,

gave him any kind of food he wanted because I could not

leave the boy to suffer even though nobody paid us any

money for his treatment. We even prayed for him. Anytime

we brought up the issue of who would take over his care

when he was released from our hospital, he became very

sad,” the pharmacist said.

Neighbours told our correspondent that Comfort sometimes

punished the boy by smashing his head against a wall

whenever he did something wrong.

Comfort was later handed over to the police at Ijaiye-

Ojokoro Division.

Comfort, who is nursing a toddler, said Promise stepped on

her baby, which was why she became angry.

When Promise’s biological father was later contacted, he

initially said he wanted nothing to do with the issue.

“I have other children – I have produced boys and girls.

Whatever she likes, she should do with her son. When she

likes, she would take the boy to a motor park and send him

to me through a driver,” the man said.

Later when he was told that his ex-wife was in police

custody, he said he would come to Lagos to pick the boy.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Kenneth Nwosu,

said Comfort would be arraigned as soon as possible.

He explained that Promise had been treated and discharged

from hospital. As of the time of filing this report, Promise

was being housed at the Lagos State social welfare home.

Later on Thursday, Comfort was arraigned at an Ojokoro

Magistrate Court, Lagos on charges of assault occasioning

harm and attempted murder.

Promise’s father also came to Lagos on Thursday to take

the boy. The father declined to speak on the issue when our

correspondent tried to ask him some questions. “I only

came to Lagos to pick the boy,” he said.



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