Apple IPhone 5c With 8 GB Is Now Official

By 09:01 Mon, 19 Jul 2021 Comments

The wing man to the flagship iPhone 5s hasn't been selling all too well around the world and today, as expected, Apple is taking a step to fix that.

Meet the 8GB Apple iPhone 5c. The phone has appeared on UK carrier O2's website with a variety of tariffs and prices. With the highest 43 quid a month contract the smartphone will be free, but there's also a £410 option with a £13 plan. French carrier SFR has also listed the recent iPhone 5c version and a huge number of other operators are expected to join the list in the following hours - basically anyone who has offered the iPhone 5c so far should also acquire the recent version.

The US Store doesn't feature the device yet but the UK Apple Store offers it for £429, compared to £469 for the 16 Giga Bytes (GB) model and £549 for the 32 GB.

In Germany the prices go as follows: €549 for 8GB, €599 for 16GB and €699 for 32GB iPhone 5c.

This means that the 8GB Apple iPhone 5c will cost £40/€50 less than the 16 Giga Bytes (GB) version. It's hardly the kind of bargain that will turn an underperformer in a best seller, but you never know.




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