Apple Secures Advanced Multitouch Stylus Patent

By 09:51 Mon, 19 Jul 2021 Comments

Apple is working on a stylus with an extendable nib with multiple tips and a built in light sensor. The information comes from patent images secured by AppleInsider.

The nib on the stylus is flexible and can either work almost entirely from within the chassis of the stylus for drawing thin lines or be extended so as to deliver multiple touch zones like a paintbrush.

With the exposed nib protruding more from the stylus' body, the tablet's Graphical User Interface (GUI) could produce different output color, opacity, etc.

There will be an actuator on te stylus which will either extdiscontinue the nib or the multiple tip strands, which will act like a paintbrush tip. Both the nib and the miltuple strands tip will extdiscontinue out of a single hole so the stylus may include some kind of collar system built in.

The stylus' strands could feature light-transmissive tips through which data could pass. Taking in light information through those tips the stylus could be able to inform the tablet to change a line's color, choose certain patterns or change the brush type.

The light sensing capabilities may instead be used to read and apply real life colors.

This advanced stylus patent was first filed in 2012 and was granted today.




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