Custom ROM Community Brings KitKat To The Galaxy S3

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Samsung announced that they wouldn’t be bringing Android KitKat to their aging Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, but that didn’t stop the XDA and Android hacking community from porting it over anyway. As long as you don’t have an issue with rooting your device and following the instructions on the forum (posted in the source link below), then you’ll be able to like KitKat on your S3.

However, as with most custom ROMs, the KitKat Read-Only Memory (ROM) for the S3 isn’t perfect. There are still some stability and usability issues, and not all features of the phone may function properly. Users may experience some glitches as well. However, if nearly all previous custom ROMs are any indication, the KitKat S3 Read-Only Memory (ROM) will acquire better with time as the community continues to work out the kinks.

The community should be a large one as well, considering that the Galaxy S3 is an extremely popular handset and its user base was livid when they discovered that Samsung wouldn’t be porting over Google’s latest iteration of its mobile Operating System (OS) to their beloved device.

It’s fascinating to note that the KitKat Read-Only Memory (ROM) file is too large to fit onto the Galaxy S3’s internal storage; Samsung’s pre-loaded bloatware is primarily to blame. Once it was removed, the hackers were able to successfully port it without any storage space issues.

Samsung originally cited memory problems as to why the S3 wasn’t getting a KitKat port, but many saw that as a way of the Korean manufacturer phasing out their older product line in the hopes that consumers will opt for the company's newer offerings.

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