Jolla's Sailfish OS Update 8 Coming In July, Update 9 In Q3

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Jolla has just recently released the massive Sailfish Operating System (OS) update 6 and update 7 combo called Saapunki. It brought lots of recent features, performance improvements and bug fixes. But if you think that the the Jolla team is now going to hold a deserved vacation, you were incorrect - the company is already working to bring Jolla users yet another update.

The Sailfish update 8 is scheduled to launch in July. These are the highlights from its change log:

  • Ability to set synchronization schedule for different accounts separately
  • Support filtering file selection by file type and uploading multiple files in Browser
  • Ability to define email signature per account
  • Ability to define sender name per account
  • Save unsent messages as drafts when messages app is pushed to background
  • Add shortcuts to webpages in the launcher area
  • Stroke entry for writing in Chinese
  • Improved HyperText Markup Language (HTML) email viewer
  • Improved tutorial app for beginners
  • Display each Android app in its own window in the home screen
  • Search word auto-completion in the Store client
  • Enhanced layout for Google and generic mail accounts settings

The changelog is subject to change though - Jolla may not be able to complete all changes until July, or the opposite - it may succeed to sneak another feature.

If you are a developer, you can check the in-depth change log here.

Jolla also announced the next update 9 will come in late August or early September.

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