Nexus 4 Gets Saapunki Update For Its Jolla Sailfish OS Port

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At the beginning of this year Jolla made the Nexus 4 a second home for its Sailfish Operating System (OS) and it has been keeping it up to date. The latest is the Saapunki update coming just two weeks after it hit Jolla's own phone.

The update brings a number of improvements to the UI and connectivity, but the Nexus 4 update also includes an experimental version of the Jolla store.

You'll need a Jolla account to download apps from the store and, accurate to Jolla nature, the recent software keeps the pre-installed apps to a bare minimum - the rest you can pick and download yourself. This is part of the Jolla philosophy – no bloatware, no forcing apps on the user, let people chose for themselves.

Again this is an experimental release and there are a number of issues. The biggest is that Android apps are not actually supported – an Android-powered Nexus 4 can run them, a Sailfish OS-running Jolla phone can run them, but not a Sailfish OS-running Nexus 4. Eventually Android apps will be hidden from the store.

Also, using the same Jolla account on a Nexus 4 and other devices might break some apps. Starting the phone with no SIM card may result in an incorrect reading of the IMEI, so the phone may be detected as a recent device.

If during the first launch after you update the Nexus 4 with Saapunki the backlight doesn’t come on, uncheck the Adjust automatically option in the classy screen settings as the ambient light sensor isn't supported yet. Locking the classy screen causes Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) to go into the lowest speed state, which may lead to slower chat notifications.

After listing present and potential issues, here's what the Saapunki update actually brings:

  • Extended 4G support

  • Facebook notification sub-page

  • Folder support in launch area

  • Better sync options

  • Updated browser with full-classy screen support for HTML5 content

  • Support for SIM applications

  • New Bluetooth profiles

  • Customizable lockclassy screen shortcuts

The procedure of installing Sailfish Operating System (OS) on a Nexus 4 is rather involved. You'll need the file (248MB) plus a number of tools and additional files. The step-by-step process is described at the Jolla Blog.




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