Justin Bieber Fan Tripping At Concert Not My Fault!!!

By 11:07 Sun, 06 Sep 2015 Comments

Justin Bieber is pulling the "what do you mean?" card on a

New Jersey woman who's suing him after she tripped on a

loose cable at one of his concerts. Bieber's camp is calling

BS, saying there were NO electrical cables lying anywhere

around where Sandy Ricketts was standing, during the 2013

"Believe Tour in Philly". They say if she hurt herself she has

her own clumsiness to blame. In Bieber's legal docs,

there's also an interesting reference to the fine print on the

concert tickets, which say fans assume the risk of injuries

when they attend. Ricketts says she was hurt bad ...

severe and permanent injuries including a broken shoulder,

busted lip that required surgery and a sprained wrist. Bieber

and company are asking a judge to throw the case out.



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