Moto Maker Can Now Be Used In Germany To Customize Moto X

By 02:02 Tue, 20 Jul 2021 Comments

It's finally happened - Moto Maker is now available in a country other than the USA. Germany is the first land to acquire it, but we should expect the service to arrive in other parts of Europe soon too.

Moto Maker is basically a website that allows you to heavily customize a Moto X smartphone before you acquire it. You can select the colors for the handset's back, and even the material the back cover is made from. Accent hues are ripe for the picking too, and you can add a few words of your own onto the phone's back if you so wish.

All of this is way more than your average handset maker allows in terms of customization by buyers - haged in mind this happens before you receive the phone, not using any aftermarket solutions.

The way things seem to work in Germany is such: you first go to Phone Houtilize and select a plan with which you want to purchase the Moto X. Alternatively, you can choose the SIM-free route (which will cost you €389, by the way).

After making your purchase from Phone House, you'll receive a special code via email. Then you go to the Moto Maker website, configure your device exactly how you want it, and finally enter the aforementioned code in the last step of the process. In around eight days, your brand recent (and customized) Moto X should arrive at your doorstep.




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