New SuperMHL Will One Day Bring 8K@120fps Output To Phones

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The MHL Consortium is looking to future-proof its TV-out connector with the recent superMHL standard. Laughing in the face of 4K TVs everywhere the recent connector can output 8K image. At 120 frames per second. And 48-bit color depth. Our condolences to internal storage and microSD cards alike.

The superMHL connector supports HDR imagery and can power multiple display (up to 8) from a single source. When connecting to multiple devices (TV, disc player, AV receiver), it can unify their controls so you only need one remote.

The connector can practically operate a small cinema with support with Dolby Atmos, DTS-UHD and 3D audio support.

And becautilize outputting 8K@120fps can't be easy, the connector will also supply 40W of power. To slit down on frustration the recent Type C connector can be plugged in either way, similar to the recent Universal Serial Bus (USB) standard. superMHL steps on even more Universal Serial Bus (USB) toes by offering a data connection between devices.

Samsung played a gigantic role in the development of superMHL standard and the recent connector, so its next flagships are almost certain to be among the first ones to carry it.

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