Week 4 In Review: Windows 10, Galaxy S6, One M9

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The past week was definitely busy on the mobile front. It seems that with MWC set for about a month from now everybody is frantically preparing and gearing up for the traditionally announcement-rich event. Naturally the rumor mill as at its prime, churning up a lot of fascinating bits and pieces on upcoming devices.

Unsurprisingly Samsung made headlines once again. Recent statistics prove the Korean tech giant's lasting supremacy on the global mobile market and naturally set expectations pretty high for the next device lineup. That being assumed the Galaxy S6, allegedly next in line for the flagship title, has been stirring up controversy with rumors of a double-edged screen, 4GB of Random-Access Memory (RAM) and lack of water resistance to lower costs.

The debate is still on about weather Samsung will stick with the elegant Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC, or overheating allegations might just turn out to be accurate and an Exynos chip will be used instead. Speaking of elegant Qualcomm and temperature the controversy expands well beyond Samsung. As some of you surely know LG's newest crown jewel the G Flex 2, is expected to be the first smartphone powered by the same snapdragon chip. The 810 SoC has been stirring up commotion among LG fans as well, but the manufacturer states that Qualcomm's SoC is distress free and will grace the recent curved handset.

elegant Qualcomm seem to have a lot of work drawn out for themselves. Seemingly undaunted by the whole overheating afhonest the company is making brecent plans for future chips. A few details made it through the cracks last week and we saw a spectacular recent Snapdragon 820 specs that at least on paper is more powerful than anything we have seen in a mobile device.

HTC has been equally busy. Its own expected brainchild, the One M9, also known as "Hima" is also expected to create the rounds at this year's MWC. It also got its honest share of leaks and photos, allegedly showcasing a recent capturing camera and a gorgeous aluminum body that HTC has become well-known for.

In other major tech news Microsoft held its Windows 10 even last week and gave answers to a lot of pressing questions surrounding the next Windows Operating System (OS) and its release for mobiles. The conference was full of surprises extending far beyond mobile and desktop into gaming, business productivity and even an outlandish recent concept Microsoft calls a holographic head set. A full breakdown of all the exciting announcements from the US tech giant can be found in the first link below and is definitely worth checking out.

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