Cyanogen Looking To Break Dependence From Google

By 07:56 Fri, 23 Jul 2021 Comments

At an event in San Francisco, the CEO of Cyanogen Inc. Kirt McMaster spoke about the company's brecent plans about the future. As it turns out, Cyanogen has ambitions “to hold Android away from Google.”

Cyanogen wants to provide an open version of Android on a deeper level than what’s currently available. This will allow the company to offer its partners “tier one services.”

McMaster gave Google Now as an example. The search giant’s mighty personal assistant interacts with the core of Android in a way third-party apps are not allowed to. Cyanogen plans to give such access to apps made by their partners. One example discussed was Yahoo’s Aviate launcher, which could benefit from such deep integration into the OS. of course, for that to become a reality, Yahoo would have to team up with Cyanogen, so for now that remains only an example.

Furthermore, Cyanogen plans to “not be based on some derivative of Google in three to five years.” This means that the company plans to break away from Google Play services. The latter are unsurprisingly firmly controlled by the search giant.

Cyanogen plans to break away from Google Play services by creating its own app store in collaboration with partners. The latter is expected to go live within 18 months.

Overall, it appears that Cyanogen has more or less had it with Google and its control over Android. We are quite curious to find out if the small, yet ambitious company can materialize its brecent plans. So far, only Amazon has somewhat managed to do so, though, it is worth noting, that the retail giant has considerably more resources than Cyanogen.




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