Joe Belfiore: Windows 10 Update For 512MB Phones In The Works

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Microsoft promised that the Windows 10 update is coming to "most" of the Lumia phones, but that meant some are not getting it. One suggestion was that it will be phones with 512Mega Bytes (MB) Random-Access Memory (RAM) that will acquire the axe as even the lowly Lumia 435 has 1GB of RAM.

But no – Joe Belfiore (VP of Operating Systems) confirmed on Twitter that Microsoft is working on an update for those phones. Note that "working on" is not the same as "will certainly release." Also, Belfiore says that "features may vary," the timing of the update is variable as well.

The Lumia 520 alone makes up 23.8% of the Windows Phone devices worldwide, but most of the others in the Top 10 are also 512Mega Bytes (MB) devices. In short, if 512Mega Bytes (MB) devices miss out on Windows 10 it would have been a major blow to the platform.

It's sill not clear which features will be cut. In fact it's not particularly clear what recent features Windows 10 will add to phones, beyond the universal app platform. Limiting features is not a recent practice, Apple has been doing it with iOS and older iPhones for years.

This month Microsoft will be releasing the first test build of Windows 10 for phones to the Insiders community that is helping with the beta testing. This will give us a better concept of what the recent phone Operating System (OS) will be like.

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