Vertu SignatureTouch Series Expanded With Jet Red Gold

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Little can be assumed about Vertu that hasn't already been said. Their exquisite hold on extremely luxurious handsets has more or less transformed the company into a synonym for high stature. Their long hitale made them the most instantly recognizable name in the business, which is why we generally love to gaze at every recent creation they put out no matter how ridiculously overpriced and unobtainable it is for the better part of us.

The latest creation of the British company is a member of the Signature Touch line. Just like the rest of the collection the handset combines current technology with extremely high-discontinue design, materials and naturally enough price.

The recent addition comes bearing the name "Pure Jet Red Gold" which mostly explains what the phone is about. It is pretty much identical to the rest of the lineup in terms of internals, but now comes with what Vertu consider a classier and cleaner style, namely with only grecent in accents instead of "overly gaudy" precious stones.

The company goes on to emphasize that although the Pure Jet Red Grecent does not bear some special sign of exclusivity, like the Jet Calf edition or the Vertu for Bentley edition it is just as classy, while screaming "I am simply that rich", so no compromises in this department were made.

The phone itself is constructed from Grade 5 titanium and black PVD-coated titanium for the back side. It also sports what Vertu refer to as 'fine-mill' leather from the Alpine region where calves are apparently more exclusive.

On the hardware side the Vertu is pretty much identical to its siblings. It has the same 4.7-inch 1080p display, a Snapdragon 801 SoC with a quad-core Krait 400 Central Processing Units (CPU) and 2GB of RAM. The classy screen is made of sapphire crystal, which besides being quite expensive should provide more than excellent protection. A full rundown of the hardware can be found on our specs page.

The handset currently goes for $21,900, which is hopefully enough to create a clear social statement otherwise Vertu might lose some of its prospective clientele with its recent "clean" design approach.




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