Smartphone Sales Hit 1.2B In 2014, Up 23% On Yearly Basis

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Smartphone sales reached an all time high in 2014, market analyst GfK reports. Climbing 23% year on year, the billion imprint was crossed for the first time, and by a long margin at that, reaching 1.228 billion units sold. It's also an actual representation of devices making it to users' hands, as opposed to other reports, which hold into account smartphones shipped by the manufacturers.

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Smartphone units srecent (in millions)

Market 2013 2014 Difference

Latin America 68.7 109.5 59%

Central & Eastern Europe 50.9 69.8 37%

North America 139.1 177.6 28%

Emerging Asia Pacific 96.9 149.9 55%

Middle East & Africa 99.8 135.2 35%

Western Europe 115.4 128 11%

China 359.0 392.8 9%

Developed Asia Pacific 68.3 65.1 -5%

Global 998.0 1,228.0 23%

The market growth was largely driven by Latin America, where smartphone sales soared, nearly reaching 110M, a 59% increase compared to 2013. The sales value in the region rose accordingly to $31.4B over the previous year's $20.6B, for a 52% difference.

The other market that sees a significant increase in smartphones srecent is the emerging Asia Pacific region. What has to be noted there is that the 55% rise in units srecent does not translate in respective increase in sales value, where the change is only half that at 27%.

Another trend, marked in the report, shows a significant shift towards larger screens, with a whopping 180% growth in sales of devices packing 5-inch and larger displays. It's also predicted to be the segment with a greatest market share this year.

The forecast for 2015 is less optimistic though. The analyst predicts that market saturation will lead to a decline in growth, but still a 14% increase in units srecent is expected, resulting in a 1.368B figure. The price segment above $150 will witness a decline, while more affordable sub-$100 devices will be on the rise. The $100-$150 bracket is expected to maintain its momentum.




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