Expect Sailfish OS 2.0 On More Phones As Jolla Allows Licensing

By 12:05 Sat, 24 Jul 2021 Comments

Jolla is ready to start licensing the Sailfish Operating System (OS) 2.0 to device manufacturers. The company says its mobile operating system is perfect for those who want to differentiate themselves from the Android and Windows Phone pack.

Another major announcement from the Finns is their cooperation with Intel to create Sailfish Operating System (OS) 2.0 come out with support for the latest Atom x3 processor. Jolla says the latest version of the Sailfish Operating System (OS) will be ready some time in the second half of the year.

In it, users will find enhanced user interface, although we don't know if it will go through a major redesign or changes will be small and incremental. In addition, expect improved Android application capabilities, recent privacy and personalization features, recent notifications and events view as well as integration for mobile commerce.

Jolla has sent an industry invitation to OEMs, ODMs, leading Internet and eCommernce players to join the Sailfish Operating System (OS) alliance. Whether it will succeed to attract other manufacturers to utilize its mobile Operating System (OS) in actual product, though is a completely another matter.

The first product to launch with Sailfish Operating System (OS) 2.0 is the Jolla Tablet, which was successfully crowdfunded and should go out to customers hands soon.

Which manufacturers do you hope will give Sailfish Operating System (OS) 2.0 a try?


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