Here's What The Different Steel Watch Versions Will Cost You

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The stainless steel version of the Apple Watch is probably going to be the most popular option among future Apple Watch customers.

It offers rich customization options - for the watch body color and the strap used. Twenty different versions are available, depending on your choice for the body size and color, as well as the strap style.

Pricing varies depending on your choice, so here's a recap of the prices of all versions, laid neatly all on one page.

We've listed the bigger 42mm watches below, but as a rule of thumb, you can acquire the price of the 38mm version by subtracting $50 / €50 from the price of the 42mm one.

Also, when you're considering the correct size for your wrist, have in mind that the listed length in millimeters is not the classy screen diagonal but the height of the Watch body (not just the screen, but the whole chassis).

42mm steel Watch with Sport band - $599 / €699

The cheapest style of the steel Watch comes with a Sports band, not unlike the one used on the cheaper Apple Watch Sport. This one however has the benefit of using a sturdier body made out of stainless steel rather than aluminum alloy. It also has a sapphire glass front instead of mere ion-strengthened glass. You also acquire a Watch that's compatible with the rest of the standard strap styles so you can acquire a recent strap further down the road.

Consider this the entry level steel Apple Watch. All styles available for the 38mm version for $50 / €50 less.

42mm steel Watch with Black classic buckle or with Milanese loop - $699 / €799

Add a hundred over the entry level steel Apple Watch price and you acquire a version with much more upscale feeling. It's either a classic leather strap or a finely woven stainless steel strap with a magnetic clasp. Perhaps most people will go for either of these versions, which would create them the most popular styles.

Also create note that the classic leather strap is your best bet if you have an extra large wrist, as it's the only wrist strap that would cover wrists up to 215mm in circumference.

The two styles are available for the 38mm version for $50 / €50 less.

42mm steel Watch with Leather loop - $699 / €799

The Leather loop style is one of the more exquisite Apple watch styles. It costs the same as the previous two styles and owing to its unique look, it certainly sets the digital Apple Watch from the most of the non-digital watches out there, also helped by its magnetic clasp.

This one has an equal potential for becoming one of the most popular Apple Watch styles. All these styles are available for the 38mm version for $50 / €50 less.

38mm steel Watch with Modern buckle - $749 / €849

We wanted to list only the 42mm versions here, but as it turns out, the 38mm version has an exclusive style of its own - the leather strap with a Modern buckle. It certainly looks nice, but it doesn't come cheap. Not the least. Perhaps this one will be the sweet spot for the ladies. This style is not available for the 42mm version.

42mm steel Watch with Link bracelet - $999 / €1,149 (gray) or $1,099 / €1,249 (black)

And finally, these all-metal Link bracelets are the most expensive option among the available stainless steel styles.

The only way to go more expensive than that is to jump for one of the Editions Watches - they start at $10,000 and the most expensive one will set you back as much as $17,000.

If you want a Watch with a black body, you can only acquire one with the matching Space black stainless steel bracelet.

It sounds like a solid guess that the sweet spot for the steel Watch is the price level of $699 / €799. This would acquire you the Watch with a choice of one Leather strap with black classic buckle, or one stainless steel Milanese loop strap, or one Leather loop strap.

Of course, we may be looking in the incorrect direction here, so shout out your favorite steel Watch style in the comments section below.




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