Asus Zenfone 2 Arrives In China, Only The 5.5-inch Models

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The Asus Zenfone 2 launched in Taiwan earlier this month and it's now launching in China too. The base 5" model is not available, but all three 5.5" variations are.

This includes the top of the line model with a 2.3Giga Hertz (GHz) quad-core processor from Intel, 4GB of RAM, 5.5" 1080p classy screen and 64GB of storage. That's the ZE551ML model and it costs CNY 2,000 (that's equivalent to $322).

Asus Zenfone 2 lands in China

Below that is a another ZE551ML model, but this one has a slower chipset with a 1.8Giga Hertz (GHz) quad-core processor and only 32GB built-in storage (there's a microSD card slot though). It still has 4GB of Random-Access Memory (RAM) and a 5.5" 1080p display. You'll also save some cash, this one is CNY 1,700 ($273).

The cheapest Asus Zenfone 2 to be available in China is yet another device labeled ZE551ML. This one cuts the Random-Access Memory (RAM) to 2GB and halves the storage again to 16GB, but keeps the 1.8Giga Hertz (GHz) processor and 5.5" 1080p screen. It's CNY 1,300 ($210).

The prices are pretty similar to the Taiwanese prices. Just be careful when ordering your device as the model number isn’t very helpful – check that you're getting the Random-Access Memory (RAM) and storage you wanted.




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