Landlord Beats Female Tenant For Bedwetting

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A landlord has been arrested after bashing his female tenant accusing her of bed bedwetting. The alleged incident which has since become the talk of the suburb occurred on the 17th of November. It is said that on the dramatic day, Luphahla was going about his errands when he saw a child of the tenant playing outside. The man is alleged to have slapped the three-year-old child for “acting” like her mother. The child ran into her mother’s room wailing. This is said to have prompted the woman Ntombizodwa Ncube to demand answers as to the reasons behind the thrashing of her child. Luphahla would have none of it and told the woman off. She was not going to be pushed away easily and continued pestering the man. Purportedly infuriated by this, Luphahla who was standing outside the woman’s room forcibly went in. After a peep around the room, Luphahla spotted watery liquid on the woman’s bed. He got closer to get a sniff and to his shock it was urine. The man went on to accuse Ncube of bedwetting. She compounded the problem by failing to defend herself.

Information Nigeria As such, Luphahla is alleged to have dragged her outside the room labelling her a bed wetter. He then kicked her until she fell. By then a crowd made up of mostly kids had already gathered to see the bed wetter. Taking advantage of the situation, the man went on to savagely kick the woman on the left breast. As the assault raged on, Luphahla is reported to have hit Ncube twice on the leg with a stone. The woman was later rescued by a neighbour. Luphahla was arrested and remanded in custody to 4 December after failing to pay $100 bail which he had been granted by Western Commonage magistrate, Mr Richard Ramaboea.



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