Week 23 In Review: Galaxy S6 Plus, S6 Active, HTC One ME

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Another week just flew by and things were quit busy in the mobile world. Our news section was buzzing with fascinating headlines, so let's have a quick see at the stories that you, out loyal readers, found to be the most fascinating this week.

Samsung, Samsung everywhere! The Korean tech giant has been dominating the news yet again. During the week, we saw a glimpse of what is allegedly a bigger version of the Galaxy S6 edge, dubbed S6 Plus. The leaked photos and the device itself is shrouded with a lot of mystery, but rumors are that it is, in fact, coming in the following weeks, boasting a 5.5-inch display and aiming straight for the middle ground between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series.

The S6 Active has also had a major presence in the rumor mill. The rugged version of the current flagship has even appeared in a few photos, so, it should be on the way soon, as well.

On a more financial note, there has been quite a lot of speculation about the success of Samsung's current pair of flagship device and, by extension, the condition of the business itself. The S6 and S6 edge seems to be selling well enough, but, perhaps, there might be more to the tale than what meets the eye. One way or the other, we should acquire a clear concept of just how fine the smartphones are doing once official sales reports come in.

But enough about Samsung. The past few days witnessed a few device announcements. The HTC One ME was made official, at least in China, that is. The high-discontinue device runs on MediaTek's brand recent Helio X10 SoC and boasts an impressive specs sheet. The Meizu m2 note is another newcomer. The successor to the quite-successful m1 note has truly managed to preserve all the remarkable features on its predecessor and even improve on some. All, while retaining a tantalizing sub-$200 price tag. Last, but not least, Asus announced a recent selfie-centric phone with a 13MP front-facing camera, quite naturally dubbed ZenFone Selfie.

Various leaks, rumors and speculations have also been pouring in about an array of other devices. We saw an exclusive see at XOLO's recent brand - Black and the first device in its lineup. Also, Gionee has been working hard on not one, but three recent offers. The Elife E8 should impress with a 23MP camera, while the M4 and the M5 have batteries of astounding capacity.

The Meizu's MX5 also got portrayed in a few recent pictures and Xiaomi is promising another device announcement on June 10. There has been more talk of a recent 4-inch iPhone, so, that possibility seems to be on the table yet again.

In other news, the Lollipop update frenzy is still on. Things seem to have shifted towards ironing out bugs in already updated devices, rather than newcomers to Google's latest OS, but, still, updates are flying all over the place. It is a fine thing too, as Android M is already on the way and manufacturers and developers really need to haged up.

If you think you might have missed something from the busy week, here is a list of what you, our readers, found most fascinating in the tech world.

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