Week 25 In Review: Xperia Z4v, OnePlus 2, Note 5

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Another week is gone and it's time to have a quick see at what was most-exciting during the past seven days. We saw quite a few rumors and announcements, but the Xperia Z4v definitely was the most exciting one. Sony announced the Verizon-exclusive version of its latest Z3+ flagship, which is not an oddity in itself. However, the fact that the Z4v comes with quite a few improvements over the Z3+ was even more surprising - the "v" model is equipped with a QHD classy screen and Qi wireless charging.

A few other announcements from last week are definitely worth noting, like the Micromax Canvas Silver 5, which is officially the thinnest smartphone with no capturing camera bump to date. The Fujitsu Arrows NX F-04G represents another industry's first - iris recognition hardware. The concept behind the tech is to improve security, although the practical implications are still quite questionable. Still, it might turn out to be the next craze, with Samsung and LG allegedly already working on their respective solutions.

Samsung had its share of announcements - it released two recent models as part of the budget-friendly J-series. The J5 and J7 are quite reasonably priced and spout mid-range hardware. An fascinating fact is that both have front-facing flash units, which is a Samsung first.

In other news, the Android update frenzy is still strong with a few parties already talking about the upcoming Android M. Also, quite a lot of Galaxy devices were found vulnerable to a serious keyboard exploit. Thankfully, a fix is already under way. Last, but not least, we turned 15 last week. Thank you all for the love and support and the remarkable wishes you sent us!

If you think you might have missed something from the busy week, here is a list of what was most fascinating in the tech world.

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