Samsung Unpacked Event Wrap-up

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If you are just landing on our homepage, you might be having a hard time navigating your way around all the Samsung Galaxy Note5 and Edge S6+ stories we have. Luckily, we've got you covered and here is a quick wrap-up of our coverage of the Samsung Unpacked event.

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margin: 0 30px;


.phone-highlight {

position: relative;

border-bottom: 1px solid #eee;

margin-bottom: 30px;

min-height: 500px;

padding-bottom: 25px;


.phone-highlight img {

width: 400px;


.phone-highlight a:hover img {

webkit-animation-name: linesMoveDown;

animation-name: linesMoveDown;

-webkit-animation-duration: .35s;

animation-duration: .35s;

-webkit-animation-fill-mode: both;

animation-fill-mode: both


.phone-highlight-links {

position: absolute;

top: 0;

right: 0;

width: 260px;

margin: 0 !important;


.phone-highlight-links li {

list-style: none;


.phone-highlight-links li a {

display: block;

padding: 8px 10px;

font-weight: bold;

background: #f2f2f2 ;

border-bottom: 1px solid white;

margin-bottom: 10px;

border-radius: 5px;

text-decoration: none !important;


.phone-highlight-links li a:hover {

background: #b23f33;

color: #fff;


.phone-highlight-links li a:hover .head-icon {



.phone-highlight-links .head-icon {

font-size: 30px;

float: left;

margin-top: 10px;

margin-right: 10px;

color: #222;


.phone-highlight-stage h3 {

text-align: center


Samsung Galaxy Note5



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