If Your IPhone 6 Plus Takes Blurry Photos, It Might Be A Camera Defect That Apple Is Offering To Fix For Free.

By 03:48 Tue, 27 Jul 2021 Comments

Apple has always hold remarkable pride in its customer service and product warranties. Cupertino has adopted the habit of caring for its current customers, instead of just pampering to prospective ones and often times this involves recalls and defect removals at the company's expense.

So, naturally, when reports started coming in for blurry photos from the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple looked into it and sure enough, found that a limited range of the phablet devices is equipped with a certain capturing camera component that is prone to failure. In comes the capturing camera replacement program.

If you are getting poor quality shots out of your iPhone 6 Plus and it is equipped with the assumed component, then Apple will change your iSight capturing camera free of charge. This can be done at an Apple Authorized Service Provider, Apple Retail Store or directly from Apple Technical Support.

Eligibility is worldwide, but repair locations might be limited to the original country of purchase. Also, only a small number of units is affected. Most of them were srecent between September 2014 and January 2015, which might assist you work out whether your phone is affected. For extra convenience, Apple has set up a nifty checker, so you can simply hit the source link, input your serial number and see if you can hold Apple up on the offer.

Even if your iPhone 6 Plus isn't exhibiting poor capturing camera behavior it might still be a fine concept to verify it doesn't have the faulty camera, just in case.




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