Week 36 In Review: IFA 2015, Sony Z5 Series And Nexus Rumors

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Another week went by and it was definitely dominated by IFA. The annual Berlin convention might have shrunk some this year after Samsung decided to go its Note5 launch ahead of schedule, but the venue still offered quite a few exciting announcements.

First and foremost on the list is Sony, which in keeping with tradition introduced its latest line of mobile phones. It is the Z5 series and it is tasked with the hard mission of recovering fan trust after the whole Xperia Z3+, Z3v, Z4 fiasco. That is no easy task, but Sony is shooting gigantic with a total of three recent flagship phones – the Z5, Z5 Compact and last, but definitely not least – the Z5 Premium, which is officially equipped with a record-setting 4K display. The lineup also brings a brand recent 23MP camera, which we actually discovered to be around 25MP and is the first such update since the Z1.

You can check our initial hands-on impressions of the Sony lineup in the review section, but IFA had a few other announcements to offer as well. Huawei, for instance outed a recent flagship device and finally launched sales on its eagerly-anticipated Huawei Watch. Dubbed the Mate S, the phone is a truly impressive offer with a large and vibrant display, lovely metal body and advanced features such as a fingerprint scanner and a Force Touch display.

Acer was also quite busy and introduced quite a few recent devices at the venue. These include more trivial offers such as the Z630, Z530 and Z330. There were also a few Windows 10 offers such as the M330 and M230. Other more fascinating offers include a powerful Windows 10 phone dubbed the Jade Primo, which was used to showcase Microsoft Continuum on stage. Also the gaming-centered Predator 6 with an aggressive body and the beastly ten-core MediaTek Helio X20 inside.

Lenovo was also quite active with announcement. The Vibe P1 and P1m were showcased, both spouting massive battery packs. Also the Vibe S1 with an impressive dual capturing camera setup on the front for easy refocusing and effect like bokeh.

Amidst all the IFA commotion a few rumors did manage to slip through, like more info on the recent Nexus by LG, as well as the one by Huawei, which will allegedly both be announced come September 29. A recent Moto X model might also be coming our way soon, dubbed the X Force. Other highlights include the LG G4 Pro/Note, also the Xiaomi Mi 4c.

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