'Made For Bond' Promo Short Flaunts Xperia Z5, Sony RX100 IV

By 03:06 Tue, 27 Jul 2021 Comments

Sony Pictures Entertainment present's Naomie Harris as Moneypenny in the "Made for Bond" promotional campaign that features the Sony RX100 IV capturing camera and Bond's own Sony Xperia Z5 smartphone. Excutilize me while keyboard chokes on some ™ signs.

Anyway, the 60-second clip promotes both Sony's recent film and its recent gadgets ahead of the launch of the recent Bond film, Spectre. The promo was directed by Danny Kleinman – the man behind the titles in GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies and others leading up to Skydescend (skipping QoS). The video was shot on a Sony F65 professional 4K cinema camera, naturally.

"The campaign film truly captures the excitement of the chase, being on a mission and taking the viewer on the journey, all set against an iconic London backdrop," says Kleinman. "London provides the perfect setting for the campaign film. Ultimately, at the centre of Bond is Britishness, so it was really vital that the ad was shot here. It is not your traditional commercial; it's an action-packed mini movie in itself."

The promo campaign hits TV in the UK on October 1 and will run until November 8. Spectre comes out October 26 in the UK (November 6 in the US), the Xperia Z5 comes out earlier that month and finally the Sony RX100 IV is already out.




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