LG G4 Stops By DxO Labs, Rated Second Best

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Some 5 months after the release of the LG G4 and hot on the heels of rumors of the G5's sensor, DxO Labs has published its review of the smartphone's camera.

Putting image quality within the confines of numbers is bound to be a flawed procedure, but when done consistently makes for some straight-forward comparisons. The LG G4 takes the podium, second to the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (and, by extension, the identically equipped S6, S6 edge+ and Note5), with the same 83 points as the Galaxy Note 4 and Motorola Moto X Style. Oddly the Moto X Style's 83 points are not as fine as the others' - its bar is shorter by a few pixels.

That's the overall image quality score, and in still images the G4 posts an even higher rating of 86 (still second). The best results the phone scores in the autofocus category, where it gets praise for being "fast, accurate and consistent". Detail and exposure also acquire especially high marks, as well as the noise reduction algorithms.

Video shooting is not as exciting, where the 79 imprint places the G4 in third, behind the S6 edge and the iPhone 6. While exposure and colors are rated high, the stabilization shows imperfections manifested by "jello effect along with visible juddering and residual motion". In all fairness, it's still better than the S6 edge and the iPhone 6 in this test.

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