Google Doubles The Maximum APK File Size Limit In The Play Store

By 10:13 Tue, 27 Jul 2021 Comments

Google doubled the maximum APK file size limit for Play store apps and games. Going forward, Android developers can publish APKs as large as 100Mega Bytes (MB) - up from 50Mega Bytes (MB) in the past.

The change will allow for the submission of considerably richer apps to Google Play. It will also reduce the necessity to download additional expansion files when launching an application for the first time.

Despite the recent APK file size limit, Google still advises developers to be cautious and not create their apps unnecessarily large. The search giant’s developer team points that larger apps require more data to download and install on a mobile network, as well as reduce performance on devices with limited Random-Access Memory (RAM) and built-in storage.




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