Weekly Poll Results: IPhone 6s Just Edges Out IPhone 6s Plus

By 12:55 Wed, 28 Jul 2021 Comments

The numbers have spoken - the iPhone 6s Plus is catching up with its small bro in customer demand. The company that insisted no phone should be larger than 4 inches has managed to convince its user base that gigantic screens are the way to go in a matter of two product generations.

You would have thought that the reception of an even heavier phablet won't be all that warm, but voters don't seem upset by the 192 grams of heft. Perhaps the proportional weight gain of the regular-sized iPhone 6s might be just enough to push some to finally create the go to the Plus.

After all, a 142g phone isn't all that easy on your pocket anymore, and once you have that thought planted in the back of your head, it's a matter of time before you start making other rationalizations to justify the larger diagonal. It would also seem that the optically stabilized capturing camera and better battery endurance are worth the $100/€100 incompatibility between the two models.

All that being said, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s still manages to nose out the Plus by about a hundred votes. However with numbers split 51% to 49% it could go either way when detailed sales reports start coming out.



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