ZTE Hops Onto The Direct-to-consumer Device Leasing Train Too

By 07:25 Wed, 28 Jul 2021 Comments

At the event where it unveiled the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, Apple also announced a recent direct-to-consumer device leasing plan. Through this program, you can acquire an unlocked iPhone in a number of installments, straight from Apple. This basically emulates what many US carriers have started doing when it comes to device sales, but without any requirement of a service contract with a specific network.

We've since heard that Samsung may be planning such a lease-to-own scheme for its smartphones, and the official launch for this should happen in the next few months. In the meantime however, another Android device maker has stolen Samsung's thunder.

It's ZTE, as the Chinese company has just announced its own direct-to-consumer device leasing plan. This will be offered through ZTE's website for the US, and it's made possible by a partnership with SmartPay Leasing.

ZTE says people with any kind of credit score can apply online for such a lease, and there will be an immediate approval. You then pick the device you want and create your first payment at checkout. You can opt for 6 to 24 monthly installments. Once you've completed all the payments, the device becomes yours.

If you want to pay off your lease early, that's possible for a buy-out fee ranging between 3.5% and 20%. You can cancel your lease at any time and upgrade to a different device, in which case you need to return your current device "in fine working order" to SmartPay. The program will be available for people wanting to purchase smartphones such as the Axon Pro (pictured above), but also other devices such as the Spro 2 Smart Projector.




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